Elevate Your Retail Collection with Berg Bag® Towels

Looking to refresh your retail offerings with a product that combines quality, versatility, and appeal? Discover the unmatched charm and functionality of Berg Bag® Flour Sack Towels – the perfect addition to any retail business aiming to captivate and satisfy a wide range of customer needs.

Customization at Its Best

Your brand, your way. With Berg Bag®, you have the opportunity to tailor the presentation of the Flour Sack Towels to align with your store’s branding and customer expectations. Choose from various packaging options, including eco-friendly poly bags, rustic paper bands, and customizable UPC labels – with or without the Berg Bag® logo for that signature touch.

Why Choose Berg Bag® Flour Sack Towels?

Flour Sack Towels aren’t just another product on the shelf; they are a statement of quality and utility. Designed with your customers in mind, these towels serve an array of purposes – from innovative DIY projects and household cleaning to chic and eco-friendly dining table accessories.

Retail Ready Packs – Convenience Meets Quality

Offering 30 x 30 6-pack towel bundles, Berg Bag® ensures your shelves are always stocked with customer favorites. The convenient, eye-catching packaging is designed not just for aesthetics but also for practicality, propelling your customers to make that impulse purchase with confidence.

Individual Towels option further caters to the ‘grab-and-go’ shopper, providing a straightforward, quality solution to everyday needs.

Wholesale, Made Easy

There are unique demands of each business. That’s why we’ve kept our minimum orders as low as 250 for stock-sized towels, allowing you to stock up without the pressure. Order yours today!

Interested in a more specialized partnership? Inquire about our retail distributor options to find a fit that’s right for your business.

Berg Bag® Flour Sack Towels are a must-have for:

  • Retailers seeking to diversify their product offerings.
  • Small Business Owners looking for quality items with competitive pricing.
  • Large Business Owners aiming to enhance their inventory with high-demand, versatile products.

Your Next Step

Ready to make a lasting impression on your customers with Berg Bag® Flour Sack Towels? Enrich your product lineup and see the difference quality makes.

Inquire today about Bulk Orders and Wholesale Pricing – because excellence in retail starts with what you offer on your shelves.

Download The Retail Catalog for detailed information and inspiration on incorporating these delightful towels into your range.

Contact Us now to explore options, discuss custom solutions, and place your order. Elevate your inventory with Berg Bag® – where quality meets practicality.