At Berg Bag® Company, we don’t just sell bags. We sell the World’s Finest Flour Sack Towels™. How we got here has certainly been an evolution. In 1943, Ben Berg founded Berg Bag® and started supplying flour sacks to the many mills in Minneapolis. The end users loved the lint free, cotton fabric and they started cutting out and hemming towels for everyday use. Noticing the trend and demand, Ben started manufacturing towels along with flour sacks.

After three generations of family ownership and greatly expanding our product offerings, our flour sack towels remain our most well-known and beloved product. Our towels are a heavier weight than most in the industry and we take a great amount of pride in quality. It’s what sets our towels apart.

Today, wholesalers, screen printers, crafters, bakers, chefs, and flour sack towel enthusiasts recognize Berg Bag® towels as the finest in the industry. We’re proud to offer the World’s Finest Flour Sack Towels™.

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